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I admire this spot! They serve splendid dishes, they have a rich menu, The cook in that restaurant is well trained, I love a lot tasting all their food. I often go to this restaurant and I not even once was disappointed.

Maverick Stafford

Guelph's best hidden gem for Chinese Food. Amazing Service. Fast Kitchen. Excellent Food. This is always the right choice for any occasion. Super Clean Washrooms.


I believe this is one of the best Chinese restaurant in Guelph. Even I live in Waterloo which has lots of Chinese restaurants, still think this one is really good. I have been there several times since last year and the taste always good.

Arnold Hu

The best Chinese / Cantonese food in Guelph. As someone who is Chinese, I can tell you this is the most authentic one in town. Why are you still reading this? GO GET FOOD HERE ALREADY!

CJ Lopez